We offer two ways to leverage our on-demand workforce.


    Give us the tedious tasks and projects so you can focus on the big stuff that matters most.

  • Website Development & Management

    Showcase your business like a true professional.

    Make your website stand out and gain valuable insight with real-time analytics. Attract more customers with a professional website & landing pages.

    • Custom Website Designs

    • Branding Management

    • Mobile Responsive Designs

    • Landing Pages

    • Online Stores

    • Social Media Integration

    • Valuable Insight

    • ...and more.


    Leadership & Sales Training

    Learn and implement action plans worth following to increase your effectiveness as a leader.

    Today's leader is willing to adapt and improve their team by sharpening their leadership team development, resulting in knowing how to efficiently lead by example. Become an engaging manager that creates confident, inspired, empowered, and enthusiastic teams!


    • Professional development training classes
    • Sales professional training classes
    • Learn a wide range of business skills from project management and negotiation to leadership skills.
    • Learn new business skills and tools.
    • Manage your time, build your business, and develop your employees. Effectively use tools like Excel, Word, Outlook, and more.
    • ...and more.


    Sales & Marketing

    Build automated sales and marketing process.

    Take command. With integrated CRM, manage every aspect of your sales, marketing, and operations. Marketing automation allows you to set up processes that help you work more efficiently. Start saving time by taking a look at how we can work for you.

    • Inside Sales Support
    • Outside Sales Support
    • Lead Generation
    • Video Production
    • Photography
    • Social Media Management
    • Promotional Items
    • Printed Material Development
    • Opportunity Assessments
    • Sales Team Training
    • Marketing Team Training
    • ..and more.


    Business Management

    Get employee and business productivity boosting strategies that work.

    Turn your business goals into reality with support and a full suite of strategic business services.

    • Employee Benefits
    • Payroll and HR Administration
    • Affordable Health Insurance
    • Government Compliance
    • Employee Training & Development
    • Workers' Compensation
    • ...and more.

    Additional Ideas for Assignments

    Contact us to explore any tasks or projects you need completed

    Event Management

    From in-office small events, to conferences. We provide online event registration, venue sourcing, setup, and event staffing.


    Data Entry

    Get more work done faster and more accurately!


    Content Writing

    We have a team of skilled writers to work with you to develop written content.


    Transcribe Receipts

    Extract and transcribe key data from receipts based on your specific requirements.
    Transcribe Business Cards
    Quickly and accurately transcribe scanned business cards, extracting personal and company information.

    Transcribe Invoices
    Save time and money by transcribing key data from invoices much more efficiently and accurately.

    Transcribe Medical Records
    Save time and money by transcribing key data from medical records efficiently, accurately and securely.

    Transcribe Insurance Claims
    Save time and money by transcribing key data from medical records efficiently, accurately and securely.
    Transcribe Restaurant Menus
    Automate and outsource the transcription of restaurant menus into your solution or app.
    Categorize Images
    Categorize images efficiently and accurately through a customized production line.

    Research Business Information
    Aggregate and enrich the information on businesses from various sources based on your specific requirements.

    Product Data and Competitive Analysis
    Aggregate and enrich the information on products and competitors from various sources based on your specific requirements.

    Optimize Sales Leads
    Optimize sales leads by enriching prospect data from various sources based on your specific requirements.

    Image Moderation
    Moderate images efficiently and accurately through a customized production line.

    Video Moderation
    Moderate videos efficiently and accurately through a customized production line.
    Comment Moderation
    Moderate comments efficiently and accurately through a customized production line.
    Video Transcription
    Transcribe online video quickly and accurately.
    Audio Transcription
    Transcribe audio files quickly and accurately.



    Tell us what tasks and projects are keeping you up at night. We can help!

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  • Let us help you become more successful. We specialize in helping businesses leverage technology and project management strategies so that they can get more done in less time. Imagine being able to consolidate all your customer databases, create marketing campaigns, send and track invoices, and many other tasks on your to-do list, all without hiring additional staff. No matter what kind of business you are running, we work hard to make your life easier through consolidation and solutions analysis.


    For flexible and ongoing work completion

    Extend your team in days with a DataSquad that consists of a Squad Leader and as many vetted and skilled data specialists as you need.​


    Pay for Work (per hour)


    As Needed per Task

    As Needed per task requirements.




    For a one-time project or semi-regular projects

    Connect with one of our Project Coordinators immediately to process a batch of data or get a project completed, on budget, and on time.


    Pay per Project


    As Needed per Deadline

    As Needed per project requirements.



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